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History of Aran sweaters and the craftsman symbols in Aran

The Aran Sweater was born in this environment, passed down from generation to generation, and has since become the ultimate symbol of Irish Clan heritage.

The Zig Zag Stitch, a half diamond, is often used in the aran sweaters direct Aran Sweaters, and generally denotes the twisting cliff paths on the islands. The Tree of Life is one of the original stitches, and is unique to the earliest examples of the Aran knitwear.

They can impart vast amounts of information to those who know how to interpret them. On the Aran Islands, sweater patterns were passionately guarded kept within the same clan throughout generations.

aran sweater

It again replicates the significance of the clan, and is an expression of a desire for clan unity, with long-lived parents and strong children. From its heritages, the Aran sweater has been intimately linked to clans and their identities. The new combinations of stitches seen on the garment are not incidental, far from it.

These Aran sweaters were often used to help identify bodies of fishermen washed up on the beach following an accident at sea. An official register of these historic patterns has been compiled, and can be seen in the Aran Sweater Market on the Aran Islands.

About The Aran Sweater Stitches And Its Historical Meaning

The Aran Sweater has many attributes which made it suitable clothing for the island's community of fishermen and farmers. It is water repellent, not allowing the rain to penetrate the sweater thus keeping the wearer dry.

An Aran sweater can absorb 30% of its weight in water before feeling wet. The natural wool fiber used in the sweaters is breathable, drawing water vapor away from the skin and releasing it into the air, thus helping the body to maintain an ideal temperature.

Most importantly, of course, an Aran sweater kept the wearer warm on the cold days and nights at sea or on the farm. Wool has an excellent insulating capacity due to the high volume of air in it, and this helps protect the wearer from excessive cold and heat.

Each stitch carries its own unique meaning, a historic legacy from the lives of the Island community many years ago. The Cable Stitch is a depiction of the fisherman's ropes, and represents a wish for a fruitful day at sea.

The Diamond Stitch reflects the small fields of the islands. These diamonds are sometimes filled with Irish moss stitch, depicting the seaweed that was used to fertilize the barren fields and produce a good harvest. Hence the diamond stitch is a wish for success and wealth.